Welcome to Behind the Wheel with ADHD In Oklahoma City South, Ok!

Behind the Wheel With


Package price is a

25% discount

from retail!


Satisfies all State
Minimum requirements


Total of up to 22 instruction hours behind the wheel, including overall instruction, test prep, and post-license Defensive Drive session.

Unlimited classroom hours (beyond the 10 required hours)

Video instruction for Behind the Wheel with ADHD (can be purchased a-la-carte for 20% off the normal stand-alone price).

Option to get your Learner Permit WITHOUT a written test

Up to two-hour practice drive before your State Driving Skills (“Road”) Test

State Driving Skills (“Road”) Test

One FREE re-test if needed ($95.00 value!)

Best Valet*** service for your drives — we pick you up and drop you off

Parent care package featuring the Coaching New Drivers video series ($99.00 value!)

Six-hour State-certified Defensive Driving class for insurance discount ($50.00 value!)

Student driver scoring and drive time logging app TrypScore.

Car Care & Preventative Maintenance Instruction ($50.00 value!)

Two-hour evaluation and advanced Defensive Drive session three to six months AFTER getting driver license

Finish your first six hours behind the wheel within 30 days

Adult = 18 and older.

***Best Valet service is offered within 30 minutes of the nearest Cowboy or Alert Driving location.