Welcome to Behind the Wheel with ADHD at Mustang High School!

Behind the Wheel With



Satisfies all State
Minimum requirements


Total of up to 22 instruction hours behind the wheel, including overall instruction, test prep, and post-license Defensive Drive session.

Unlimited classroom hours (beyond the 10 required hours)

Video instruction for Behind the Wheel with ADHD (can be purchased a-la-carte for 20% off the normal stand-alone price).

Option to get your Learner Permit WITHOUT a written test

Up to two-hour practice drive before your State Driving Skills (“Road”) Test

State Driving Skills (“Road”) Test

One FREE re-test if needed ($95.00 value!)

Best Valet*** service for your drives — we pick you up and drop you off

Parent care package featuring the Coaching New Drivers video series ($99.00 value!)

Six-hour State-certified Defensive Driving class for insurance discount ($50.00 value!)

Student driver scoring and drive time logging app TrypScore.

Car Care & Preventative Maintenance Instruction ($50.00 value!)

Two-hour evaluation and advanced Defensive Drive session three to six months AFTER getting driver license

Finish your first six hours behind the wheel within 30 days

Adult = 18 and older.

***Best Valet service is offered within 30 minutes of Mustang High School.