Frequently Asked Questions


Oklahoma HB2418 requires Oklahoma teens applying for an Intermediate Class D License to complete a free course approved by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation on teen driver work zone and first responder safety. Click HERE to learn more!

What is your most popular package?

Our most popular package is the Complete package, featuring:

  Unlimited classroom hours (beyond the 10 required hours)
  Option to get your Learner Permit WITHOUT a written test
  Up to one-hour practice drive before your State Driving Skills (“Road”) Test
  State Driving Skills (“Road”) Test
  Six-hour State-certified Defensive Driving class for insurance discount ($50.00 value!)
  Student driver scoring and drive time logging app TrypScore.
  Parent care package featuring the Coaching New Drivers video series ($99.00 value!)
  Car Care & Preventative Maintenance Instruction ($50.00 value!)


  Upgraded to Better Valet**
  Upgraded to 12 hours behind the wheel training
Upgraded to finish your first six hours behind the wheel within 60 days
  Two-hour evaluation and advanced Defensive Drive session three to six months AFTER getting driver license

When can I start Driver Education?

You can start Driver Education the day you turn 15 years old!

What is the timeline for the Drivers Ed, Permit, and License process?

  In general, it takes new student drivers who are under the age of 18 about six to 12 months to get their license.  Adult drivers who already hold a current, valid license from another State can have their Oklahoma License within a day
 Students who have completed the driver education program with Cowboy Driving Academy before getting a permit will have the written test waived when they go to Service Oklahoma to get their permit. The student must provide Service Oklahoma with their certificate of completion.
  However, the student may obtain a permit by presenting their CDA contract that they receive once they have completed the 10 hour classroom requirement (no driving required at this point) but will be required to take the written test.
  The written test may be taken the day after the 10 hour classroom requirement is completed. (20 Questions/Multiple Choice and make a 75% to pass). The day the student turns 15 1/2 is the earliest they can get their permit. A student under 18 years of age MUST have their permit a full 6 months before they are able to take the State Road Test. Those over 18 must hold a permit for 20 days before eligible to take the State Road Test. Those who have completed a Driver Education course, obtained their permit at 15 ½, held a permit for 6 months are eligible to take the State Road Test at 16 years old. The earliest anyone may obtain their driver license in Oklahoma if they have not completed a Service Oklahoma Certified Driver Education course is 16 1/2 years of age.

When do I complete the 6 hours driving time?

After you complete the classroom sessions, the driving instruction is done one-on-one with an instructor in 2-hour behind-the-wheel lessons. The number of lessons is determined by the package you purchase (Three, 2-hour drives is the minimum). Driving sessions are scheduled at your convenience, and each driving package has a different priority for completing drives.

How long do I have to finish Driver Education?

You have one year from the first day of classroom instruction to complete your first six hours of drive time and take your driving test. If it’s been more than one year, a reinstatement fee of $50 will be charged to complete the course and get your completion certificate.

Do I get an insurance reduction for taking driver’s education?

Most insurance companies do honor driver education program discounts. Please check with your insurance company for verification.

If I am scheduled to drive, how do I know if my in-car instruction has been canceled due to inclement weather?

We’ll text and email you with updates on canceled appointments. We also report school closures to local broadcast media.

Can I cancel a lesson without penalty?

Yes. Note, however, that Driving Academy policy states: “Cancellation of drive and/or test times must be made at least 48 hours in advance. THE FEE FOR CANCELLATIONS WITHIN 48 HOURS IS $50.00. THE NO-SHOW FEE AT TIME OF APPOINTMENT IS $150.00. NO EXCEPTIONS.”

I am an adult (over 18), can I get a license through Cowboy and Alert?

The training we offer for those 18 and older is obviously different from what we are required to provide for our younger students. The State of Oklahoma does NOT require that license applicants 18 and older attend classroom training or take any specified number of behind-the-wheel lessons. Therefore, we tailor your training to meet your individual needs. 

Anyone, regardless of age, must possess a valid Oklahoma Driver’s Permit to test with us.

Do I need to have a permit to take Driver Education?

No, but you do have to be at least 15 years old. Students who have COMPLETED the driver education program with Cowboy Driving Academy before getting a permit will have the written test waived when they go to the Service Oklahoma to get their permit.

  Everyone, regardless of age, must go to Service Oklahoma first to get a Driver Permit.
  Student drivers under the age of 18 must provide Service Oklahoma their CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION from Cowboy or Alert (this is different from the Student Contract).

Do I have to go to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) when I turn 16 to take my drive test?

No. Cowboy and Alert Driving Academies administer the STATE ROAD EXAM by appointment. We have Service Oklahoma-Certified Driver License Examiners on staff.