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Behind the Wheel with ADHD

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for students with focus, executive functioning, ADHD, ADD and other related diagnoses.
Behind the Wheel with ADHD

Can I sign up online?

Yes! Sign up for the complete Behind the Wheel with ADHD driving package here, or start out by just purchasing the parent webinar here (use the discount code FOCUS23 if you purchase just the parent webinar at 20% off).

Behind the Wheel with ADHD

I have specific questions about the program. Who do I call?

One of our program leaders will reach out to you. Please complete the form here to request a phone meeting.

Learn more about what this special course teaches here.

Where would you like to enroll Behind the Wheel with ADHD?

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Behind the Wheel with ADHD

Learn more about the Parent Webinar here.

We are Oklahoma’s only driving school certified by Behind the Wheel with ADHD! Each instructor in our schools is trained to be a perfect match for students who need extra time and thoughtful coaching to succeed as safe drivers (and successful young adults)!

Get 20% off just the parent webinar by using the code FOCUS23.

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First day of Driver Education class

The first hour of the first day of class is our parent meeting. If the student is under 18, a parent or legal guardian is required to sign the contract that will be filled out at the conclusion of the parent meeting. If a parent or legal guardian is not able to come to the parent meeting, print the contract here, sign it and send it with the student.

You do not need any ID documents to come to class.

Our unique program combines accommodations for students who learn differently so that they succeed as safe drivers.

Deficits in executive functioning (a set of mental skills that help us plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully) are so common among teens and young adults that up to 25% of a given school group can be affected on some level. And these deficits often appear alongside a wide variety of other learning differences, including ADD and ADHD, level one autism spectrum disorder (ASD), dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory and sensory processing disorders, and more. By understanding the root concerns young drivers have, our instructors leverage the focus skill building tools of Behind the Wheel with ADHD as a foundation for creating safe drivers who are ready to face particular challenges behind the wheel.
More time spent in behind-the-wheel instruction. Our program starts at a full 20 hours of behind the wheel training — more than three times the state minimum requirement! (More can also be added at additional cost for students who need it.)

Video instruction for parents and guardians of students enrolled in the program, so that they can learn alongside their students. There are three, one-hour modules, and they come included with the Behind the Wheel with ADHD package or can be purchased a-la-carte for 20% off the normal stand alone price.

Valet service for all scheduled instructional drives. We pick up and drop off at your home or office!
A State road test at the conclusion of Driver Education with a designated State examiner who works exclusively with our Behind the Wheel with ADHD program and its students. Skip the line at DPS and know that your student is in the hands of an examiner who knows how they are wired! The cost of the road test is included in the Behind the Wheel with ADHD package!
A second make-up test is included in the package for students who do not pass on the first try.
A two-hour followup session after the student has been a licensed driver for three months or more. Parents and students alike can get an invaluable boost to their confidence and skill by taking time to evaluate how well good driving habits have been retained.
Unlimited classroom hours! Students can repeat whatever parts of classroom training they want for as long as they want.
Additional online resource for parents called “Coaching New Drivers” that teaches parents and guardians how to coach their students behind the wheel. A $99.00 value that’s FREE when you buy a $595.00 or more package.